Creepsi Twisted Tales TPB
A Collection of the First 5 Issues

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Creepsi Twisted Tales - a collection of strangely interesting, dark, and disturbing stories now with compete colored illustrations inside.

Issue #1 contains an ongoing tale titled "Circuit Rider". Mose Harper is a bounty hunter and preacher tracking a gang of ghouls in the Old West. The complete short story, "A Look in the Mirror", reveals the curse behind a stolen mirror that predicts the future.

Issue #2 - The June edition contains a new tale of a brutal murder by several entitled people. They did not anticipate the length a young brother will go for retribution in the "Long Journey Home". In the continuing saga, Mose Harper continues his quest to destroy the founder of the Fiend Gang. As the origins of the ghouls come to light, Mose meets another ghoul in a town that is hiding a dark secret.

Issue #3 - Continuing the Circuit Rider Story. The July issue contains the third story of the continuing adventures of the ghoul hunter, Mose Harper. In the "Circuit Rider" issue, Mose wakes to a dinner party where he finally meets the leader of the Fiend's Gang. Unfortunately, the Circuit Rider is one of the main courses on the menu. The other story in this issue is called "Lying in the Grass." A lover's triangle leads to an unhappy ending where revenge and vengeance become intertwined like the vines of a poisonous plant.

Issue #4 -TheThrilling Finale for Circuit Rider! This issue wraps up with Mose finding a partner who has his own reasons for removing ghouls. They return to Natoma where Mose and Dutch Henry finally meet in a violent and deadly shootout. Then, "We Take You to a Breaking News Story" where a reporter discovers a town hidden in the shadows. As she and her lover dig deeper, terrifying creatures encircle a town that sold their souls.

Issue #5 - An actress finds a contract hard to get out of while a reporter's scoop offers more than she could imagine. "From Nightmares" is a twisted tale where an actress accepts the invites of a small creature during her dreams. Unfortunately, a pact made in the netherworld is still a binding contract. "The Interview" follows with the story of a famous photographer as he guides an inquisitive reporter to a front row seat for looking into the abyss. However, he forgets the adage, "turnabout is fair play".

Get the new full-color graphic novel at Amazon.