A collection of strangely interesting, dark, and disturbing stories from the author of Ray Irish Mysteries and the Clovel Sword Chronicles. Strange Twisted Tales (formerly Creepsi) is speculative fiction carrying the illustrated comic style in black, white and greys as homage to the horror comics of the late 1960s and early 1970s (or, if you wish, a tip of the hat to manga influence as well). It is a world of corrupt souls and supernatural elements. Our tales focus upon the eerie creatures that lurk in the shadows, those unsettling people who walk the streets, and horrific situations that threaten the innocents.

5 Issue Graphic Novel


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Strange Twisted Tales – Issue #1

Black Aggie follows the twisted path of a memorial statue that carries the troubled history of a scorned woman and the dark secret trapped inside.

Long after the first satellites were sent into space, a secret government program stumbles upon the perilous consequences of the Purple Haze.

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Creepsi Twisted Tales – Issue #1

Creepsi Twisted Tales is a monthly horror series with an eerie world of corrupt souls and strange creatures that lurk in the shadows. Issue #1 contains an ongoing tale titled “Circuit Rider”. Mose Harper is a bounty hunter and preacher tracking a gang of ghouls in the Old West. The complete short story, “A Look in the Mirror”, reveals the curse behind a stolen mirror that predicts the future.

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Azathoth Fragments – New Series

 Deriving elements of Lovecraftian gods and a timeline from the Greek myth based upon the lands of Hyperborea, our story is set in Antarctica before ice sheets covered the area. It is an era of deadly monsters and beasts along with terrible gods. Belgar is a Guiding Arrow, a guide for the merchants who travel the lands trying to avoid the monsters and beasts on the trails through the rugged Riphean Mountains and the plateau of Leng. As a guide, Belgar is one of the best but he suffers from short temper and a reputation as a scoundrel. Tricked into a blood pact with Cuchulainn, a god also known as the lame one, Belgar commits to a search for a fabled sword guarded by demon hounds.

This series is chapter based, running the same as a manga series. Paid subscribers will receive the upcoming issues of this series. 

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Jealous Gods – New Series

Randi, a defrocked priest, discovers his webchat session puts him in the crosshairs of the police and a mysterious, deadly stranger who claims to be an ancient god. In his quest to prove his innocence, he meets the stranger which leads to his first encounter with Vucub, a Mayan god. Saved from his certain death by one of the Febails, The encounter leaves Randi in the middle of an on-going struggle between the demigods who protect humanity from those jealous gods of the past. Randi must battle his own beliefs while trying to comprehend his involvement in a fight to avoid the chaos predicted many years before.